12 beauty secrets that will make you beautiful and ready faster

Some prefer not to wear make-up and do not comb their hair, but most girls prefer to leave the house glamorous. To look good, you do not need to be a professional makeup artist to achieve it, but if you need to know some basic tips to make everything perfect. Then, the 12 beauty secrets that will make you be beautiful and ready faster.

1. Have a characteristic makeup look.

Knowing your makeup look, is knowing that you are better for your eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. In short, all you need to know is what's good for you, be it a mascara, blush, lipstick, smoky eyes, cat eyes, and have perfect skin.

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2. To be able to make up in 5 minutes.

Suppose your best friend calls you and invites you to leave. Surely you can choose a clothes quickly, but will you take more than 30 minutes to make up?. If you take too long, you will not be able to go out with your friend. That's why you should have enough skills to make up quickly, and use your beauty tips that make you be ready in just 5 or 10 minutes.


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3. Use a base with moisturizer.

Do you want to reduce your routine in the morning? Use dual-function products, such as a base with moisturizer. In this way, you can skip a step by applying makeup, applying moisturizing cream. Only one product that does both is applied. And if you additionally have SPF you will eliminate another step in your morning routine.

12 beauty secrets that will make you beautiful and ready faster

4. Red color on the lips.

The red lips paint never goes out of fashion, and wearing a nice red lipstick dress makes your face look very sexy. Men love us and also because it makes us look beautiful. The red lips will make you look like you fixed yourself with more time than you actually did.

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5. Apply sunscreen with SPF, every day.

The sunscreen with SPF is so moisturizing that it can be useful for you to skip the application of the moisturizer. Not only will you be able to get ready faster, but you will avoid sun spots, premature aging, and / or skin cancer. So to use sunscreen every day.


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6. Exfoliate from head to toe.

You may think that this will take a long time, but it's worth it. By exfoliating the skin, you remove the dead skin cells, you clean the clogged pores, and then you spend hours in front of the mirror crop in the face, the back, where it breaks out. Therefore, it will save time and exfoliate the skin at least three times a week. Learn to what exfoliant to use according to your skin type .

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7. Fix your own eyebrows.

If you are not sure how to make the arch of your eyebrows, it is better that you go with a professional, to teach you how to make the most of the eyebrow hairs. Once you learn, how to make the arch of your eyebrow yourself you can fix your own eyebrows. The eyebrows are the frame of the face, so it is necessary that you pay attention and take advantage. Get some Perfect eyebrows in 10 steps .


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8. Make your own nails.

Not everyone has the time or money to get a manicure every week in a beauty salon. Therefore, having presentable hands is necessary since they are your cover letter and it is not that difficult. So take care of your nails, make yourself the manicure and exfoliate and hydrate them.

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9. Dry your hair.

Hairdressers can be expensive and take up to two hours or more, waiting your turn and depending on the amount of hair you have. Which is why, if you dry your hair by yourself, you will save time and money. So, ask your stylist what are the steps to follow to dry your hair and do it yourself at home.


10. Master, at least, two hairstyles.

Most women never have time to get a professional hairstyle, that's why it is essential that you master at least 2 hairstyles, that fit you well and that you do not delay in doing them. You can see these hairstyle ideas you can do at home .

11. Learn to braid your own hair.

It is necessary that you know how to braid your own hair. It is not super difficult, but a French braid is the best option in terms of hairstyle when you do not want to comb. Apart from that it looks beautiful. So try to learn yourself how to make a French braid, fish tail, or a Dutch braid and you will often get out of trouble. You can too learn how to make your poipias wicks .


12. Cut your own bangs

It is always an excellent experiment to cut bangs. It's a subtle change that can change your whole appearance. Learn to cut your bangs so you can do it yourself every time you need a change.

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