11+ smoked eyes tutorials (irresistible)

The eyes are the most important thing when you connect with someone and the first thing that catches your attention. Many guys are surprised when they see a girl with beautiful eyes and leave him impacted with his eyes. In addition, the eyes are very important to give an impression of glamor and feminism. And nobody is going to resist an irresistible look. With these tutorials of smoky eyes your eyes will be irresistible.

One way to achieve beautiful and irresistible eyes are the"smoky eyes". Therefore, here are 10 tutorials for irresistible smoky eyes.

Sensual Smoky Eyes


Black Smoky Eyes

11+ smoked eyes tutorials (irresistible)

Ideal for the day

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Perfect smoky eyes to go out at night

Attractive with gray glitter

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Smoky Cat Eyes

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For parties

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Smoked in brown tones


Eye-catching smoky eye tutorials for parties


Achieve Great Eyes with Shadow. You may be interested in smoky eyes that accentuate the brown eyes.


Eyes Makeup Frosty Galaxies


I'm dying for some like this...


Step by Step

Itzel Uriah